Apparently there isn't a lot out there on the Internet for this particular error message. This one shows up pretty regularly in the Intune ClientSvc.log file. It will typically show as two lines:

Returning error hr = 0x80070490. SSP package is not installed on client. 
WARNING: Error = 0x80070490 - GetSspVersion :: UtilGetPacakgeVersionByUserAndPackageFamilyName

After correlating some other documents that I found, it appears that this is a check on the Company Portal Windows Store app. That app used to be released as a custom-built item under the package "SSP.xap". That's where the SSP name comes from.

You can resolve this error by having the Company Portal store app installed on the client.

The Company Portal app is designed, however, to work with the computer when it is managed as a mobile device instead of a PC client. If the computer is a PC client, the Company Portal app will not be able to identify the device and will present an error indicating that the computer needs to be enrolled. To fix this, go to on the computer and sign in. You'll typically be asked if you are the primary user of the computer (indicate Yes or No). There will be a warning banner shown that "This device is either not enrolled or the Company Portal can't identify it.". Click that banner to pop up a list of devices related to the user account you signed in as. Select the device that this computer is and then click the SELECT button. If you then click the company banner at the top, you should see the full portal experience in the web browser.

Signing in to the Company Portal store app at this point will show the list of devices. As it will detect which device this is, you cannot remove it (but you can remove other devices via that portal app). You can also initiate app installs and other tasks.