In order to facilitate easy operation of the solution, a collection of helper scripts are available for use on the "master" system. Each of these scripts assumes that it is running from the top level of the MDTDATA folder (so, you should probably put these scripts there...).

This script is used to "zero out" the development VM, update the DevDisk.vhdx image and then restart the VM, booting to the DevDisk.vhdx image.
This script is used to back up the main MDTDATA partition to a secondary partition (on another drive!) called MDTDATA2.
Simple script to copy the Lenovo repository files over to the distribution folders.
This script is a somewhat faster means of updating the Media deployment folder (\DeploymentMedia1) when certain kinds of changes are made.
This script is for updating the cached files for Office Click-to-Run installs.
This script is pretty simple and is used to handle the management of captured images.
This is a quick and dirty script to just update task sequences in the deployment folder.
This script's primary purpose is to update a locally attached USB deployment disk with data from the deployment folders.