Since the solution (like MDT itself) is based on several components, you'll need to get them installed and configured on the computer being used as the "master" system. This computer can be a laptop or desktop computer; it doesn't really matter so long as it has plenty of USB 3.0 ports available (directly or via a hub).

For the purposes of both testing and the creation of a captured image, the solution makes use of Hyper-V. This was chosen because of a) simplicity in controlling via PowerShell and b) the ability to mount VHDX drive images as writable drives in the local OS. Plus, no license or other random software to obtain and maintain.
A key component of any operating system deployment solution is the WADK.
The main solution framework for operating system deployment.
Although the solution is to deploy the operating systems using USB attached hard disks, network shares are still used on the master system.
If you are supporting Lenovo Think* computers, you can obtain and maintain hardware drivers using the ThinkVantage Update Retriever.
One of the components used as a part of long term support of the OSD solution uses Inno Setup to encapsulate software as EXEs for use with software distribution.