If you are using the Lenovo ThinkVantage Update Retiever, download it from the Lenovo support website. Install it using its defaults.

To configure the Update Retriever, launch the console from the Start Menu.

Specify the repository path as \Source.LenovoRepository on the MDTDATA partition. Click Continue.

When prompted for machine types, click Add and proceed to add machine types to the catalog for your environment. If this is a redeployment of the solution to a new "master" system, use the Import button to load the UR file from the top of the \Source.LenovoRepository directory.

Once finished adding devices, export the list as a UR file and save it at the root of the \Source.LenovoRepository folder for next time. Be sure to do this in the future when modifying the list of computers.

At this point, you can proceed with downloading or updating drivers for your models. It is recommended that you stick with just drivers and not full software packages. Definitely no BIOS updates via this tool. You'll need to test deployment on your chosen system. Although the scripts and options selected around the deployment of software and drivers to the computer should prevent a reboot, it sometimes reboots anyway, causing some minor issues with OS deployment (because of the unplanned reboot).