It is necessary to have a few network shares available for the purposes of operating MDT and for updating the solution over the network.

Launch an administrative command prompt and execute the following statements (replace X: with the drive letter assigned to the MDTDATA partition):

net share DeploymentShare$=X:\DeploymentShare.ROOT /GRANT:everyone,FULL
net share BIOS=X:\Source.BIOS /GRANT:everyone,FULL
net share MDT=X:\DeploymentMedia1 /GRANT:everyone,FULL
net user svc-MDTAccess * /ADD

Enter in a password when prompted; record this password in your password management solution.

If this is a re-deployment on a new "master" system, be sure to update the computername and user password stored in the following files:

  • \DeploymentMedia1\Content\Deploy\Control\CustomSettings.ini
  • \DeploymentShare.ROOT\Control\Bootstrap.ini
  • \DeploymentShare.ROOT\Control\CustomSettings.ini