Because we are using USB drives for distribution, there are some tweaks that need to be made to the stock MDT scripts in order to properly work with these external drives.

Once these tweaks are in place, it will mean that you cannot deploy to a computer that is meant to boot solely off of a USB disk (such as Windows-To-Go). I'm guessing that that will be a pretty rare scenario anyway, so you should be fine.

Also, the solution was tested with the basic premise of deploying to a single internal disk (disk 0), which is meant to contain the OS and all applications. It hasn't been tested with multiple internal disks (although, it should work) nor has it been tested where some disk other than disk 0 is meant as the OS drive. Proceed with caution.

Modifications to the stock LTICopyScripts.wsf file to support OSD on USB.
An additional script to assist with the creation of a recovery environment.
In order to support BitLocker, the ZTIBde script needs to be modified.
Minor update to increase the partition size for the Windows Recovery Environment.
This is a modification to fix some disk selection routines since we'll have another physical hard disk attached to the system at the time of OS deployment.
Modifies the code that is looking for already encrypted volumes so that it doesn't mistake any encryption on the OSD USB disk for encryption on the internal hard disk.
This is a fix for locating the Windows RE partition.